Any good dictionary will tell you the definition of a slang word, but WTF will help you to naturally use
the slang words that are commonly used in your community.

This application is a global slang resource, and its sole purpose is to provide the user with insights on commonly-used
slang words from various global locales.







App Features

Slang a Day

Act as your own personal trainer, work on new wordings and phrases, and make them a part of your daily conversations. Older expressions can be plain and ordinary: Learn to see the humor in things, or make it mysterious and suspicious. Knowing common slang words will help you develop your unique and notable style of humor.

Monetize your work

Your slang can be a big hit among thousands of users across the world with this app. WTF uses AdSense to help your videos and audios earn you recognition for your unique slang words and phrases. WTF helps you to establish your slang usage (text, video or audios) and earn money for them. WFT helps you to use the space in your Android to earn money and get exposed to the value and usefulness of your app through WTF mobile web.

Share videos

Make your WTF journey a never-ending process. Use it to the fullest, share eligible videos, and engage with others. Upload those real-life incidences when you used the best of your verbal slang with someone. Beat the boring and play with the wordings. Get a move on! Do things you enjoy and say things that help people understand you in a light-hearted manner.

Distribute audios

Be spontaneous! What might be a common slang usage at your workplace or college might not be so very common at another place. Spread the slang all at once by sending an audio or a recorded file and share your daily slang practice.

Write down slang wordings

The word is king: Writing or sending texts will always have more impact on the reader than verbal expressions, because things that are written and posted better reflect your state of mind. Now you can post the slang words you use in your daily life and make the most of the WTF app. You can also learn a plethora of new slang words that you can receive every day from different geographical locations.


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